Impact of South Sudanese Australians’ First Generation University Graduates?
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Impact of South Sudanese Australians’ First Generation University Graduates?

The South Sudanese Australian community is less than two decade old. This community comprises of large portion of FIRST GENERATION South Sudanese Australian and with majority of younger second generation born in Australia. There have been major turbulence in smaller percentage among first generation youth but again one could see huge smile in this community brought by many successes. Majorly most first generation have success stories that make everyone smile and proud, these stories range from universities, sports through to modelling. A decent community is cohesive, protected, certain, prosperous and upbeat spot. It is liberated from neediness and wrongdoing, giving a high caliber of life for everybody that lives in it and called it common ground. It esteems and promotes openness, participative improvement supported by a consistent culture of trans-generational learning. At the point when conversations occur about first generation South Sudanese Australians, frequently the emphasis is on how distraught or disadvantage and successful they are in contrast with their peers Australian counterparts whose parents when to university.

South Sudanese Australians first generation have emerged strongly in academic fields, sports and modelling with most of them having transitioned extremely well in Australia’s mainstream middle income level after university graduation. However, being a first-generation university scholar articulate so many interpretations that you are the first man or woman in your immediate family or household to attend university or play in a national sport club. In different words, neither of your mother and father have a university degree or played for national clubs before. Subsequently, a lot of questions come with being a first-generation university student or university graduate from your family.

South Sudanese Australian’s first generation are highly competitive in all trade of industries across Australia. They’re exploring uncharted territory after all, having graduated from university and enters professional workforce or with no professional work attachment does not destress a South Sudanese man or woman, so long there are other greener avenues to earn a living in unconnected industries that do not require university degree. But who can assist them with after university process of connecting them to find professional jobs? Are there are any one of a kind resources for first-generation students/graduates available in Australia? This area of finding professional jobs is tough rough one for immigrant first generation graduates except in field of nursing, medical, aged care, and engineering where the demand is always at peak. First generation graduates are likely to be recruited in high demand areas because there is a vacuum of room. There are few immigrant job talent agencies which are not even popular with placement of migrant first generation into workforce.

Being a first-generation university student/graduate represents a milestone development for a family. Most South Sudanese who decided now not to go to university or college do so due to the fact they have seen a huge number of community graduates not finding jobs after university. They think, you are accumulating deferred debt with Australian Taxation Office – ATO! they do presume they don’t have enough money to be able to pay ATO back. They also believed jobs are find through connection and that alone doesn’t qualify a first generation immigrant. It’s widely believed food, residential expenses, children education, textbooks resources, and additionally tuitions all signify a large quantity of money. And this is absolutely comprehensible that some households would be intimidated by the university tax tag. Although it’s necessary to have in mind that the “sticker price”— of tuition is now not always what university students will virtually have to pay. The “net price for deferred tuition” is what university students and families will truely pay , after graduating and economic useful resource are taken into consideration. There is a window of income threshold that examine your contribution toward your higher education debt with Australian Taxation Office – ATO. Once you have that threshold, you have mandatory requirement to repay percentage of your tax toward your education debt.

Motivating and Inspiring Later Generations

Having an option to send a child to university speaks senses and raise hopes for the family. It additionally fills in as a guide for siblings and relatives in more younger ages. The more younger ones will admire that sibling or relative who went to school. They will eventually need to follow their sibling foot steps. It is a relentless chain that sets a norm, one that demonstrates setting off for university is a generally excellent choice. Younger siblings or cousins will need to do it as well and will battle more diligently to arrive at university door. They will have the option to discover choices to get the chance to pay for it, for example, begin working somewhat prior or getting excellent marks in school to have the option of applying to university scholarships.

The First Generation; The Inspiration Fundamentals

Overwhelmingly, approximately 98% presumably of South Sudanese Australian graduates are majorly the first in their families to graduate from universities. This indication tell second generations that their parents, uncles and aunties emerged from poor background to captivating competitive society which is super demanding. South Sudanese second generation will be looking up on the first generation to lay key fundamental establishments for them to be inspired and feel motivated. Understandably not many first generation will encourage such inspirational move since there are many challenges blocking their aspirations in Australia. There is a Youtube channel called  “I’m First”  was founded and created with the purpose of inspiring those students who are first-generation to advance their uptake and to keep motivating themselves while attending university. Sometimes, some first-generation students struggle for years and later withdraw before completing their degree. This is evidently because they don’t have an inspirational example in their families to show them the pathway to deal with higher learning stress or school expectations. Students from all over the world share their videos to this channel explaining what they went through in their lives and giving so many information. Former US President Barrack Obama’s wife Michelle Obama posted an inspirational video too. Perhaps a collective voice like this would be great ideal for South Sudanese Australian first generation to share their amazing inspirational stories.

First-Generation Students – Challenges

First-generation students face a number of challenging circumstances including

  • Lack of guidance and preparedness
  • Financial difficulties and how to navigate scholarships
  • Fear of adjustment to university life
  • Higher student loan debt
  • Lack of family support

However, most universities have right resources available for immigrant students, education assist, and support, first-generation students can work to overcome these challenges and succeed at university.

Majok Wutchok is a FIRST GENERATION South Sudanese Australian and he is a public health professional, author, publisher and web developer entrepreneur. He can be reach on Facebook or email him on

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